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Sci-Fi Fantasy Film Trivia Night Table

Get your ticket now for an evening of Sci-FI Fantasy Film Trivia, fun & prizes!

This ticket will reserve you a table for a team of 4.

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There is a galaxy far, far away that is filled with words of wisdom and wit from Jedi masters, Muggles, witches, wizards, elves, hobbits, Vulcans and the occasional Trekkie…and it holds all the answers to this months Trivia Night! BUT – if you can’t travel at lightspeed, or you don’t yet have the newest model of the Nimbus broomstick you’ll have to try your luck on the patio. Remember though, a wise Jedi Master once said, “Do or do not, there is no try”, and we take that as…do get your tickets for the Sci-Fi Fantasy Film Trivia Night NOW! 

July 23rd at 6pm!
**Doors will open at 5pm**

You shall not pass! Unless you get all the answers right…and in that case you’d win a prize! There are 6 rounds with a winner each round! If you don’t win a round, don’t let the Muggles get you down…the overall winner gets a CASH POT of up to $500!

Tickets are required to take part.
Groups of 4 people per team.
Tables are $40 each - This will reserve you a spot for a team of 4.

Grab your team and live long, and prosper.